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Our team at Apro Rigs is driven through our passion for advanced computing and technology. We hold the highest standards when it comes to building PCs. Our team consists of professionals who would love to hear what you need. We make sure that we offer the best solution to customers keeping their budget in consideration. We learn about what you do, we listen to what you need and we tell you if there is anything that you don’t need.


Not everyone lives the same way. However we all have our differences in our way of life. Here at Apro Rigs we have embraced the power of diversity and we work hard to encourage it. Which is why our custom solutions are designed to your specification. With billions of possible hardware combinations available to your disposal; we can build PCs that are specifically made to your criteria. We make sure that what you want can be a one of a kind solution. We can make sure that what we build for you is truly unique.